Logo Application Done Right!

We've been in business since 1999, so we've processed thousands
of logo application orders. We are logo application experts and
can guide you through the process from concept to completion. Ask
us for info on logo application options and pricing.

Preferred Logo File Formats

  • High resolution, Vector art files (vector art ensures the best image reproduction quality)
  • Vector art as a .eps or .ai file is preferred

If unable to provide vector art, please contact us for assistance. Our graphic design experts can convert files such as JPEG, TIF, GIF, etc. into high resolution vector artwork for a small fee. Once the file has been converted, it is yours to keep for future use.

Artwork Proofs

We provide FREE virtual proofs (electronic mock-ups) on any item you are considering, so you can see a visual approximation of your logo on an item before placing an order.

Color Matching

Your logo is your identity and the colors MUST be right. We understand this and take great pride in accurate color reproductions. To ensure precise color matching with any color other than standard black or standard white, a Pantone Color Number (PMS color number) is essential. If a PMS color number isn't available, we can assist you with your color selection for as accurate of a match as possible.

Logo Application Options


A traditional logo application method using thread. Your logo is stitched into the fabric of the item. Embroidery is often considered a "preferred" application method with a high perceived value.


Involves pressing ink through a screen onto the item surface. For logos with only a few colors, screen-printing is a cost-effective means for a vibrant and durable logo application


First, a metal mold is created out of the logo file. The mold is then heated and stamped into the surface of the item, creating a permanent indentation. Most commonly used on leather and faux-leather items, it is the perfect choice when a subtle yet sophisticated look is desired.


The application of choice for nicer pens and other metal items. By etching the logo into the item surface, laser engraving reveals the underlying color of the "naked" metal and provides an inexpensive option for achieving a high-end look.


The ideal option for logos involving four or more colors. The expanded color range complements bold logos with fine details and allows for the accurate reproduction of shadows and color gradients.


A unique solution for items that do not allow for more traditional logo applications. The logo is encased in a clear polyurethane "dome" and permanently affixed to the item. Domes combine multi color capability and durability.


Another unique option that can be used when a sophis- ticated look is of utmost importance. Only available on select items, the logo is laser engraved onto a metal plate (called an ingot) which is then riveted onto the fabric of the item for a lasting impression.